About Beter Benutten (English)

In the 'Beter Benutten' (Optimising Use) programme, the Dutch government, regions and businesses are working together to improve road, waterway and railway accessibility in the busiest regions. We are aiming to reduce congestion at the busiest points by 20 percent in 2014, using a package of around 300 practical and quantifiable measures. The year 2014 does not only concern the outcomes of Beter Benutten; it also heralds the next phase in the programme. The aim of the follow-up programme (2015-2017) is to achieve 10 percent shorter journey times from door to door. More information: http://beterbenutten.nl/en

Over Beter Benutten

In het programma Beter Benutten werken Rijk, regio en bedrijfsleven samen om de bereikbaarheid in de drukste regio's over weg, water en spoor te verbeteren. We verminderen de files op de drukste punten met 20 procent en realiseren 10 procent reistijdverbetering van deur tot deur in de spits in die drukste gebieden. Meer informatie: http://www.beterbenutten.nl

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