New brochure: Optimising Use - Working together is key

In May 2017 a new brochure was published by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, explaining the Optiming Use programme. Its ambitions, approach and the effects. Three effective measures are highlighted. Download the brochure in PDF here.

Bedrijven | 30-05-2017

TLEX enables real-time exchange of data between traffic lights and road users

Starting in the summer of 2017, Dutch road users will be able to use information about traffic lights throughout the Netherlands, irrespective of their brand of car, the options included or not included in their car, the town in which they drive or the supplier that provides the traffic lights in that town. This is made possible by the new national transfer point Traffic Light Exchange – TLEX for short – as a central point for automated real-time data exchange between new smart traffic signal systems (iVRIs) and road users. The Netherlands is a global frontrunner in this field.

ITS | 29-03-2017

Make Logistics future proof bringing up your unique innovation

On Friday, March 31st starts the second TransportLAB online Challenge 2017: ‘ Logistics Mobility’. Ambitious students, (future) engineers, entrepreneurs and other professionals, interested in logistics are challenged to participate in this annual online hackathon. Do you accept the challenge? Could you or your team think of a smart solution to make transport and logistics more efficient and sustainable?

Logistiek | Bedrijven | 23-02-2017

Self-driving vehicles on the A58: cars automatically respond to one another and the traffic situation

In a recent demonstration, a convoy of self-driving vehicles proved able to respond to traffic a few kilometres farther down the road. This demonstration was conducted at the request of the Beter Benuttten (Optimising Use) programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment by TNO and the partners in the Shockwave Traffic Jams A58 project in an actual traffic situation on the A58.

ITS | Bedrijven | Brabant | 30-05-2016