Influencing demand

The Optimising Use Programme pays a great deal of attention to the traveller: if he makes different decisions as regards his travel behaviour, lasting change can result. With extra infrastructure alone, the roads will remain congested. If we are to use the existing roads in a smarter fashion, and to reduce the congestion in particular locations and at particular times, the traveller is key. This means that we need to get to know and understand the traveller and his behaviour; only then will we be able to offer him suitable alternatives as regards his means of transport or time of travel.

Optimising Use's Influencing Demand theme focuses on such aspects as Work Smart, Travel Smart, cycling and off-peak travel. Work Smart, Travel smart involves enabling businesses to support their employees with favourable employment conditions promoting smart travel that avoids congestion. This may include the use of all-in-one mobility passes, electric means of transport or improved bicycle infrastructure. Off-peak travel projects are examining how road users can be encouraged to travel before or after the rush hour on a consistent basis. This is being carried out in consultation with behavioural scientists and solutions may include financial incentives, the introduction of game elements or an off-peak points saving system. Measures focusing on bicycles are primarily aimed at encouraging bicycle use. This involves not only schemes for such things as e-bikes, bicycle motorways and bicycle parking, but also marketing and communication measures to encourage ‘more cycling’.